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Viewpoint - September 28, 2011

Letter: Children, not trains, are the noisemakers at library

Your editorial last week, "Library an opportunity for Atherton," contains what I consider to be a blatant falsehood that serves the political stance of the Almanac — that the next library should be in the park.

You say, "when trains speed past — all conversation in the library must stop." I visit our library at least once and often many times each week. Trains are noisy but not much. Conversations are not stopped. Far noisier are children's groups staged by the library. The only conversations are between customers and staff. Ask the staff. Conversations are not stopped.

You also say there is adequate parking in the park. Not true. I visit the park almost daily, and often find every spot taken. Were it not for my disabled placard, I would be turned away. Weddings and special occasions use all parking and drivers must park off-pavement, risking a ticket.

Tom Croft

Moulton Drive, Atherton


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