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Cover Story - November 23, 2011

Giving through Holiday Fund

For the 19th year, the Almanac offers readers the opportunity to increase their charitable donations through matching gifts to the Holiday Fund.

The Almanac has chosen 10 local nonprofit organizations to benefit from donations to the Holiday Fund. These organizations help the most vulnerable of our neighbors, be they children, the aged, homeless, hungry, sick or abused.

Starting with this issue and over the next several weeks, the Almanac will publish stories about these organizations.

For every dollar donated to the Holiday Fund, the Almanac seeks matching funds from foundations and private donors. The total amount donated is divided equally among the 10 organizations.

The Holiday Fund could not happen without the help of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the donors that provide the matching grants.

Since the Holiday Fund started in 1993, donors have contributed more than $3 million to a wide range of local nonprofit organizations.

To give to the Holiday Fund online, go to:


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