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Viewpoint - January 11, 2012

Letter: Marion Softky a fine person, and reporter

We are all richer for Marion Softky's contributions to our community. Marion played a major role in establishing and maintaining the high quality of journalism that we in our favored local area have come to expect from the Almanac. The constructive — and, for the most part, positive — political life of our locales would not have been possible without this essential ingredient.

Having gotten to know Marion over four decades, I know that in addition to being a fine reporter, she was also a fine person, who had finely honed values and who cared deeply about the fate of our community and world. Yet, she had vital ability not to let her personal views color her reporting.

We are fortunate that we have her colleagues at the Almanac, who will continue to uphold the high journalistic standards which Marion Softky helped set.

Jon Silver, Portola Road, Portola Valley


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