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News - January 25, 2012

Hattie Bostic honored by Menlo council

by Barbara Wood

All five of Hattie Bostic's sons were there on Jan. 10 when their mother, who died on Dec. 9 at the age of 76, was honored with a proclamation by the Menlo Park City Council.

The proclamation, presented by Mayor Kirsten Keith, took a whole page to document just some of the impacts of Dr. Bostic's life on the community.

"The breadth of Dr. Bostic's passion, tireless efforts and good works have positively impacted the Belle Haven neighborhood, the Menlo Park community and beyond by championing a better life for all by fighting crime, improving schools and educational opportunities for all, affordable housing and shelter for the homeless," it said, in part.

"I think she was inspirational for Menlo Park," Mayor Keith said after the meeting. "I feel so genuinely sad for our loss."

Dr. Bostic co-founded the Mount Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God in Belle Haven and served as its pastor. Her son Teman, who also lives in Menlo Park, will take over as pastor.

In 1968 Dr. Bostic began the Crime Prevention Narcotics Drug Education Center, a community based organization dedicated to the eradication of crime and drug abuse that has served as a prototype for hundreds of similar programs across the nation.

The proclamation concluded that the city wants to "remember and honor Dr. Hattie L. Bostic for her generous contributions toward uplifting the Belle Haven neighborhood and the Menlo Park community, and that her exemplary works will be remembered for years to come."


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