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Viewpoint - February 1, 2012

Letter: Sanitary District denied sewage problems

The West Bay Sanitary District's whiny full-page ad in last week's Almanac serves to underscore the fact that the board of this organization just doesn't get it.

For years staff members have denied ownership of raw sewage bubbling up out of manholes along Alpine and Portola roads during major rain events. Thank goodness for Baykeeper slapping them up side of the head to make them own up to at least some of the problems caused by their solipsistic arrogance.

But rather than admit to the problems in their system they chose to deny and then fight reality in court. After losing in court, too, then they whine about the legal costs of their own bad decision. And then they whine about unnecessary cost in a costly full-page ad. Come on.

Properly designed and maintained sewer systems don't need to pollute our environment. If the district would employ the latest pipeline technologies instead of early 20th century designs there wouldn't be a problem of storm-water infiltration. Get with the program, guys.

Stanley Gage, Old Spanish Trail, Portola Valley


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