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Viewpoint - February 1, 2012

Letter: Women should learn about cancer screenings

As a physician, there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a patient with a disease that could have been treated, or in the case of cervical cancer, prevented. Too many women are unaware of the simple steps that can save their lives — annual pap tests and HPV vaccinations.

Cancer screenings may seem scary and unaffordable, but with programs like Every Woman Counts, these tests are readily available for those who can't afford them. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the leading cause in cervical cancer and with vaccines widely available today, the opportunity to reduce the prevalence of the cancer is something to seize.

While January was deemed "Cervical Health Awareness Month," we can't stop there. Educating women throughout the year about the resources available to them will continue to reduce cervical cancer and HPV rates, ensuring the health of all women.

For more information about the "Every Woman Counts" program, please visit www.cdph.ca.gov or call the hotline, (800) 511-2300.

Gregory Lukaszewicz, M.D., President, San Mateo County Medical Association


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