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Cover Story - February 15, 2012

Can't make it to Belgium?

While the monks at St. Sixtus Abbey sell only enough Westvleteren beer to support themselves and the abbey, a current renovation project has prompted the monks to sell a limited amount of their beer outside the abbey to raise money for the project.

A special six-pack of the beer with two Westvleteren glasses was sold in Belgium and will be sold in the U.S. sometime later this year, according to Ryan Williams, a spokesman for the Shelton Brothers importers. In order to try to keep any profits from the sales going to the monks, it will probably be priced at about $85 a six-pack, he said.

It should be available in the Bay Area, but details have not been worked out. The Almanac will try to post details as they become available.

And if you really can't wait, the special six-pack and glasses are available on eBay from a British seller asking $213 plus $95 postage.

— Barbara Wood


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