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Viewpoint - February 15, 2012

Letter: Beware of enticements to support Saltworks project

A Stanford research group recently reported that for decades many doctors were paid handsomely to tout the health benefits of smoking tobacco.

That led me to think of how Cargill and DMB Associates are currently spreading their money around Redwood City to show how much they "care" about the city.

I urge those who take that money to think carefully about whether to believe their claims about the benefits to their proposed Saltworks development: Can adding 30,000 residents really reduce traffic congestion? Is the solution to current flooding and future sea level rise really to put more residents and businesses below the level of the high tides? Is paving restorable wetlands really the best way to restore them?

I don't think so. Please don't be deceived by their money.

Karen Davis, Redwood City


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