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Viewpoint - February 15, 2012

Letter: Something to think about in meadow zoning decision

How many of us moved to Portola Valley because of the natural environment, open spaces, lack of commercial development?

Assured by our general plan, which states that the first major goal for the town is: "To preserve and enhance the natural features and open space of the planning area because they are unusual and valuable assets for the planning area, the Peninsula and the entire Bay Area."

And, this plan supports our own property values. Today we value open spaces even more, preserving it through donations to the Peninsula Open Space Trust, by paying a small tax to support the Midpeninsula Open Space District, through careful town zoning, and our collaborative efforts to design our new Town Center in such a way that we have open vistas through that center to the distant hills.

Driving through Portola Valley from Woodside, our town's designated "Scenic Corridor" reveals the distant hills through the small orchard by Christ Church, then our new community center, followed by the new area purchased from the riding stable. This scenic corridor would continue on by the Neely meadow, if only some of the trees, shrubs, and lower branches of the roadside oaks were trimmed away.

But now we face a major change. Vineyards and a barn on that meadow. The addition of several new structures above the meadow. How many residents understand that this is about to happen? That our precious General Plan no longer is protecting our open spaces?

If you care, if you think this is important, get involved; attend a Town Council meeting, write or e-mail a member of the Town Council and let them consider your opinion as they vote on allowing these changes.

Think about it.

Marilyn Walter, Coyote Hilll, Portola Valley


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