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Viewpoint - February 29, 2012

Letter: Did Cohen change position on tax?

I was fascinated to read that Menlo Park City Council member Andy Cohen, a candidate for county supervisor, supports a county proposal to increase taxes charged to hotel guests (so called transient occupancy taxes, or TOT).

In 2010, council member Cohen adamantly opposed a similar proposal in Menlo Park. His opposition helped keep the measure off of the ballot, depriving voters a chance to consider the issue.

Had an increased TOT passed, the additional $500,000 to $600,000 in annual revenue would go a long way toward helping balance the city's budget and prevent the city from having to contemplate laying off police officers and other draconian cost-cutting measures.

Has Mr. Cohen changed his position on increasing TOT taxes or does he believe that the county and city should be taxed differently?

Heyward Robinson, former City Council member


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