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Community - March 28, 2012

Woodside invites walkers to event

Woodside organizers are inviting others to put on their walking shoes and help raise funds for fresh-water wells in a drought-stricken region of Kenya by participating in the Woodside Walk for Water on April 1.

The third annual event is being organized by the Woodside Elementary School community as part of a community effort called the "Woodside Wishing Well," according to Doretta Bonner, one of the organizers.

The walk begins at 3 p.m. on the kindergarten field at Woodside School.

The effort supports the Samburu Project, which drills wells in the Samburu region of Kenya.

According to the organization, founded in 2005 by Kristen Kosinski, women and children of the region walk up to 12 miles every day in search of water that they must carry on their backs. The water is often contaminated by animals using the same water holes, and cholera and other illnesses are an ongoing problem.

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