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News - April 4, 2012

Error in climate-change story

A story about climate change written by the Bay City News Service and carried in the March 28 Almanac contained an error. The story covered a talk given by U.S. Geological Service scientist Tom Suchanek in Menlo Park on March 22. The factual error was also referred to in an editorial in the same issue.

The story quotes the scientist as saying that if worldwide carbon emissions continue to rise at the present rate, rising temperatures could cause the Sierra Nevada to lose 80 percent of its winter snowpack in just 40 years.

The correct numbers are that the Sierra Nevada could lose 80 percent of its winter snowpack by the end of the century (not 40 years), according to Leslie C. Gordon, a USGS spokesperson in Menlo Park.

Bay City News Service, a longtime provider of news to most newspapers and other media outlets in the region, acknowledged the error.


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