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Viewpoint - April 4, 2012

Letter: Library project should go to a vote

I urge Atherton residents to read the draft environmental impact report for the park library on the town's website, and send their comments to Lisa Costa Sanders by the May 7 deadline.

While the park may be good for the library, the library may not be so good for other park users. For example, parking mitigation measures includes limiting the Pavilion use to 92 persons weekdays and 58 on weekends.

Although Atherton will own the library building, the San Mateo County Library System will have operational control. That means the town and county will have to work together on operational and financial matters pertaining to the park. Whereas, today, Atherton has sole control over the park.

These issues have not been addressed in the community outreach process but become obvious in reading the DEIR. The impact on other park uses and inserting the county in park operational and financial matters are significant and permanent changes for the town and should be supported by a majority of our residents.

Because of the dark cloud hanging over the park library decision, the matter should be brought to the residents to vote on whether they approve having the library in the park. If the council accepts the will of the majority, it would go far in bringing the town back together.

Jerry Carlson, Atherton City Council member


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