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News - April 11, 2012

Atherton: Burglar absconds with $45,800 in jewelry

by Dave Boyce

Police are investigating a home burglary in Atherton with a reported loss of $45,000 in jewelry, including gold chains, a necklace and earrings.

The burglary was reported March 28 from a home on Walsh Road, Lt. Joe Wade of the Atherton Police Department told the Almanac.

Another residential burglary, this one on Watkins Avenue and reported on March 30, resulted in losses estimated at $2,200 from the theft of items that included a flat screen TV, a spice rack, a clothes hamper, an Apple iPod touch, and an Apple Powerbook, police said.

In another incident reported on March 29, a witness told police that three men were seen lifting a hydraulic chisel, valued at $7,500, into a white pickup truck on Atherton Avenue near Monte Vista Avenue.

The chisel had fallen from a passing equipment trailer and its owner had later returned to the scene but could not locate it, police said. The witness described the men lifting the chisel as of Hispanic ethnicity, one in his 40s and the other two in their 20s, police said.

Meanwhile, that same day at a construction site on Fair Oaks Avenue, someone stole tools valued at $6,500, including a gas-powered hammer, two nail guns and a rebar cutter, police said.


Posted by R.GORDON, a resident of another community
on Apr 12, 2012 at 10:31 am

How innapropriate to comment on this measely sum of money which is covered by homeowner's insurance, anyway?
The salaries of the police investigating the burglary have a combined salary of 5 times as much as the victim who manages to get banner sized billing in this paper.
As for the insinuations of the thieves of the hydraulic chisel being HISPANIC, is something that has locals agreeing that they are glad they have such a good police dept. to protect against these likely "illegals".....AND the tools at the construction site!
This paper may not be intended for big time national problems, but it does seem to savor tidbits like this, or baseball wins and ballet concerts.
This will be buried quickly since it has filled space for a week with no one even caring.