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Viewpoint - April 18, 2012

Letter: Rules for sewer lines are 'crazy and completely unfair'

In another local source, Planning Commissioner Henry Riggs mentions how Menlo Park residents are responsible for their sewer lines, all the way to the main artery.

Thank you to Mr. Riggs, who pointed out a major situation that many of us were not aware of. Take note Menlo Park residents — your sewer line is your responsibility from your house to the connection in the street. And here is the kicker: you can insure the line, but only up to the street line. If there is root damage, clogging, or pipe problems from the street line to the central artery, it is your problem, and you can't insure it. This apparently means a resident would have to pay to dig up the street to fix any issues, and that would be extremely costly. As Mr. Riggs mentions, you are looking at about $20,000, give or take.

Pressure should be put on the West Bay Sanitary District to work with insurance providers and give residents the option to insure all the way to the artery. It seems crazy and completely unfair that residents are responsible for the segment of the line that is beyond the owner's property line, and underneath public streets, but can't insure it.

Carla Posthauer

Claremont Way, Menlo Park


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