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Viewpoint - April 18, 2012

Letter: Using wireless a third option for town's library

There is a third Atherton library option as yet unconsidered that may be the best.

Book reading is changing to wireless digital. This trend is strong but not yet mature.

The Amazon Kindle system seems best now but with time better systems will be developed. Present library wireless books lean on Amazon's system but that will surely change.

All Atherton concerns about the library could be avoided by saving some of the $8 million for a future system to provide vehicles that traverse Atherton displaying and dispensing wireless books and, if warranted, loading them on resident's hardware.

There would be no traffic concern, no park impact, better library service, immunity to high-speed rail and so on. The rest of the $8 million can be used for seismic fixes and perhaps a slight expansion of our existing library.

Thomas A. Croft

Moulton Drive, Atherton