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News - April 18, 2012

Sierra Club endorses Keith, Masur for supervisor

by Barbara Wood

The Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed Kirsten Keith in the crowded race for a seat on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Menlo Park Mayor Keith announced in press release on April 8.

What Ms. Keith didn't say, however, is that the Sierra Club has also endorsed another candidate, Redwood City School Board member Shelly Masur. At least one local newspaper ran the news of Ms. Keith's endorsement without mentioning Ms. Masur, and was asked to run a correction by the Sierra Club.

"Both are really good candidates — the county would be lucky to have either of them," said Melissa Hippard, endorsement team leader for Loma Prieta Sierra Club Chapter.

She said the chapter has not issued its own press release about the endorsement because they cover three counties and are making endorsements in dozens of races, so want to issue only one press release per county after all the endorsements are decided.

Six of the eight supervisor candidates went through the Sierra Club's rigorous endorsement process, Ms. Hippard said, including face-to-face interviews and written responses to questions. The club looks for environmental leaders it thinks it can work with, she said, and both Ms. Keith, whom the chapter had endorsed when she ran for a City Council seat, and Ms. Masur met their criteria.

"It's unusual if not unheard of" to endorse two candidates, Ms. Hippard said, but they have made other dual endorsements.

Lest one think Ms. Keith an opportunist for not mentioning the endorsement was a dual one, Ms. Masur on her website also claims the Sierra Club endorsement, without mentioning Ms. Keith.


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