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Viewpoint - May 2, 2012

Letter: A rousing defense of plastic bags


I read in a recent Almanac that the Bag Nazi's are at it again, not only planning to remove serviceable plastic from grocery stores but planning a bonanza of income from charging those recalcitrants who prefer to carry 10 oranges and 12 potatoes in a paper bag a fee of 10 cents per bag rising to 25 cents shortly thereafter.

These idiotic suggestions stem from those who have taken leave of their senses. Do they not find bags useful? Yet we genuflect to their idiotic agenda.

The Kool Aid drinkers carrying reusable bags I have seen look as if the bags (and they) could use a bath.

When I lived in London in the 1960s there were no bags for purchases; the Brits carried mesh bags for their daily purchases. Underscore daily. This American had to make several trips to the store to haul groceries. And folks, this is what we will do. Aha! I have uncovered yet another scheme of the evil oil companies.

Can we get a grip, restore sanity, and retain without punishment our paper bags which continue to be useful to carry debris — on its way to our recycling bins.

Blanche F. Smith, Greenoaks Drive, Atherton


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