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Viewpoint - May 9, 2012

Letter: Another story of fight against Lyme disease

In regard to your story last week about Lyme disease, our daughter suffered from Lyme disease and four co-infections for 12 years before she was diagnosed.

The tick came from our dog. After six years of treatment, she is 85-90 percent better. Sad to say, many medical doctors laughed us out of their offices. We finally found a Lyme-literate medical doctor. It has taken several doctors, Eastern medicine, and alternative medicine to get her to this level of health.

The statistic for the ring after a tick bite should be stated. Seventy percent of bites do not produce the ring. Our daughter fell into this group.

What else is not stated is that ticks carry 65 other diseases besides Lyme disease. My husband was hiking locally and bitten by a tick. The tick was sent to IgeneX Lab for testing. It was positive for Mountain Spotted Fever.

Deer are not the only tick vehicles. Ticks jump from animal to animal. Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice, raccoons and others all ferry the ticks. Ticks sit on an edge of a leaf or grass waiting for the warmth of a body to hop on.

The medical costs are outrageous because health insurance does not pay for the medication for a long enough period, nor alternative medicine. It is crucial, if bitten, to save your tick, have it tested, and take three weeks of antibiotics immediately. Our family motto is: "Use tick spray."

Gloria Wallace, Marmona Drive, Menlo Park


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