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News - May 23, 2012

Woodside may act on panel to safely share roads, paths

by Dave Boyce

Woodside, in the words of its revised general plan, has a problem in its circulation system, its roads and paths. Parking is inadequate, sidewalks are nonexistent, the two-lane roads are often packed with vehicle and bicycle traffic, and dirt paths are the only safe option for school kids, pedestrians in general and, not infrequently, equestrians.

And now the Town Council and others are doing something about it. A charter is being drawn up for a Circulation Committee, an advisory body to the council. Its focus: to encourage a community conversation on safely sharing the roads and when they don't, have Sheriff's Office deputies discourage their behavior.

The council may act on a charter at its meeting on Tuesday, May 22. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. in Independence Hall at the corner of Woodside and Whiskey Hill roads. Also on the agenda: discussion of fire safety as it applies to building regulations, and continued discussion of paved area coverage regulations.

Under the plan for the Circulation Committee outlined at the council's May 8 meeting, members would be appointed to staggered two-year terms. Given the town's equestrian culture and the importance of collaboration among the users of roads and paths, the Circulation Committee would include two members of the Trails Committee, which is equestrian-oriented.

The Circulation Committee would absorb the Bicycle Committee and establish a standing subcommittee to attend to bicycle-specific issues, including bringing to the whole committee permit requests for special events and road maintenance matters that are of importance to cyclists.

Of overall importance to the committee is protecting the town's "rural and scenic environment" while at the same time seeking to make traveling through the town safer for all.


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