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Viewpoint - June 6, 2012

Letter: Food trucks will create mess on Santa Cruz Avenue

As a restaurant owner on Santa Cruz Ave. for over 12 years, I have to voice my displeasure on the plan for food trucks to occupy an area near my restaurant. Someone, somehow has decided that this is good idea for Menlo Park.

This is not a positive turn for an area which already has vacant stores down the entire street. All the Santa Cruz businesses work very hard to keep operating.

Has anyone looked into the mess that these trucks will create? Are there going to be public toilets available? Is there going to be someone cleaning up the overflowing garbage cans at the end of the evening? Will someone be cleaning the mess off the stained sidewalks, or is it just going to look disgraceful until the morning? Who is paying for this clean up?

Also think of the businesses, homes and apartments in the immediate area that have to suffer from hearing engines running for hours and general disturbance of their standard of living.

Ali Elsafy, owner

Bistro Vida


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