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Viewpoint - June 6, 2012

Letter: Measure L team drops Romero, backs Keith

The revelation of Carlos Romero's dishonest claim of Stanford and Harvard degrees is sad. Watching the video, it's hard to accept his defense of a "mistake by a neophyte," given his grey beard (and body language). Those who were counting on his campaign positions need another choice.

The Measure L team had backed both Romero and Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith. She has extensive experience in social issues, has served on two city commissions, and has been an exemplary council member

Having met and watched all of the candidates and in spite of regret at the prospect of losing our best council member, I support Kirsten Keith for county supervisor. It's time we had a quality representative in that mysterious government that takes our property taxes but can't keep the parks open.

Henry Riggs

Callie Lane, Menlo Park

For Measure L team


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