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Viewpoint - July 11, 2012

Letter: Think we haven't changed for the better?

As we celebrated our 236th birthday it is fascinating to note that the face of our country has changed in many ways, but nowhere more visibly than in our top political leadership.

Our founders were overwhelmingly white, protestant men, but if you look at the current occupants of the 16 key positions in the country they set up they would hardly recognize the place. And they would be busting their buttons with pride.

If we take the President, Vice-President, Speaker and Minority Leader in the House, Majority and Minority Leaders in the Senate, the Supreme Court and throw in the Governor of our most populous state, only two of them are white, protestant men (the Senate's Mitch McConnell, who is Baptist and Harry Reid, who is Mormon). The 16 top spots now celebrate 2 African Americans, 3 Jews, 4 women and 11 Catholics. Pretty clever, those founders.

Jim Stanford, Pearl Lane, Menlo Park


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