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News - July 25, 2012

Menlo Park election papers go online

Menlo Park is moving the paperwork needed to run for City Council online. This year candidates will leave the city clerk's office with "just one sheet of paper — the nomination petition. All other information and materials will be provided on a flash drive, free of charge," City Clerk Margaret Roberts announced in a press release July 19.

The city says it will post information about each candidate, including campaign finance statements, as it becomes available. A series of nine instructional videos on the election process will also go online.

Anyone without Internet access can view election documents at the city clerk's office at 701 Laurel St. and at the public libraries. Call Ms. Roberts at 330-6625 for more information about the election. This year, two seats will be open on the council, and at least five residents so far seem interested in running.