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Community - August 8, 2012

Summer break offers new experiences

by Alexandra Van Ligten

While many local youth use the summer break as an opportunity to catch up on sleep and watch endless hours of television, Rebecca Shoch, 14, of Woodside chose to use her new free time for something other than sitting on the couch.

Being a big fan of Emily Joubert, a store in Woodside that sells home and garden products, she decided to take a chance on an available internship there that piqued her interest.

The application process involved talking to the manager about her interests so her potential employer could get "a taste of her personality." She landed the job, which includes helping with gift-wrapping, putting together flower arrangements, and organizing the shelves.

The internship has given her a sense what it's like to be in a workplace environment. The most useful skill she has picked up is the ability to communicate with different types of people, she says.

In addition to work at Emily Joubert, Rebecca's summer activities include attending local dance and tennis camps. The highlight of her summer, however, will be a family trip to England and Ireland.

Rebecca says it's important for young people to travel to "get a taste of what other cultures are like and gain new insights and ideas." She looks forward to London, where she plans to take a tour of the recently opened Harry Potter Studios and attend the Olympics. "The Olympics are so amazing because everyone in the world is coming together on an international level for a common reason," she says.

In Ireland, she plans to relax and enjoy views of some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world.

Here's wishing Rebecca and all other Almanac readers a wonderful summer.

About the author: Alexandra Van Ligten, 15, is a sophomore at Menlo School and a resident of Menlo Park.