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Viewpoint - September 5, 2012

Letter: Increasing water rates struck a nerve

I would like to express my complete agreement with last week's letter from Diane Braun in regard to Cal Water's request for another rate increase.

My own bills have skyrocketed. Last Monday I phoned the CPUC using the phone number provided. As soon as I said "I am calling to comment on Rate Increase No. 12-07-007" the woman who answered said "I don't have time to deal with this" and she hung up the phone. I was stunned.

In this economy with many people struggling to pay their bills, it is outrageous to justify another rate increase to fund personnel benefits. I hope that many others will study the Rate Increase No. 12-07-007 explanation that is tucked into their latest bill and email a protest. Since I have shared this sentiment with the 1,500 neighbors who participate in the Portola Valley Forum, I have had a stream of emails from people with like sentiments. I encourage everyone to get involved and make their opinions known to the CPUC.

Alice Schenk Westridge Drive, Woodside


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