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Community - September 5, 2012

Police Calls


Residential burglary reports:

• Losses estimated at $1,300 in break-in through locked gate in construction fence and theft of drill, saw, radio and stilts, Bay Laurel Drive, Aug. 29.

• Losses estimated at $370 in theft, without signs of break-in, of one pair of shoes, one pair of boots, six blouses, blazer and bottle of perfume, Willow Road, Aug. 29.

• Losses of $150 in break-in through rear door and theft of $150 from cash register, Menlo BBQ at 555 Willow Road, Aug. 28.

• Unknown losses after break-in through smashed bedroom window and theft of miscellaneous jewelry, Henderson Ave., Aug. 27.

• No losses reported in break-ins of two residences through rear windows, Marmona Drive, Aug. 28.

Commercial burglary reports:

• No losses reported after entry by removing window screen, Belle Haven Child Development Center at 410 Ivy Drive, Aug. 26.

• Salad dressing and two cans of soup recovered from suspect's purse in shoplifting arrest, Draeger's Supermarket at 1010 University Drive, Aug. 28.

• Losses estimated at $90 in theft of coins from laundry machine coin boxes, unknown location, Aug. 25.

Theft reports:

• Losses estimated at $1,500 in theft of jewelry and miscellaneous items from unlocked safe, Iris Lane, Aug. 27.

• Losses estimated at $1,350 in theft of laptop computer from unlocked vehicle, Newbridge St. and Windermere Ave., Aug. 28.

• Unknown losses in theft of cash from safe, Oak Grove Ave., Aug. 27.

• Losses estimated at $600 in theft of wallet, Apple iPhone and $100 in cash from victim's purse in locker room, 500 block of Laurel St., Aug. 27.

• Loss estimated at $450 in theft of beach cruiser bike from unlocked garage, Oak Grove Ave., Aug. 28.

• Losses estimated at $200 in theft of packages of clothing and cat food from front porch, San Mateo Drive, Aug. 27.


Accident report: Bright sunlight obscured driver's vision and he struck pedestrian, inflicting non-life-threatening head injuries, South Dale Way, Aug. 27.


Theft report: Losses at construction site estimated at $2,782 after hole cut into fence and theft of demolition hammer, shovel bit, generator and cut padlock, Valparaiso Ave., Aug. 29.


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