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Viewpoint - September 26, 2012

Letter: Praise for firefighters; plea for donations

As a member of the Beechwood School family, and the recently retired kindergarten teacher, I was present during the cleanup of the fires that destroyed our Administrative/Special Needs/Third Grade Classroom building. Not only did the team of firefighters who fought the fire put themselves at great risk by entering the building to fight the fire before the roof collapsed, but the cleanup crew helped to save important items from the rubble.

Chief Harold Schapelhouman was there with consoling words during and in the aftermath of the fire, and returned for the reopening assembly on Monday to encourage the students and staff. Well done MPFPD!

Beechwood is a strong community, and we will move forward providing a great education for our students. To donate toward rebuilding and replacing needed items, send tax-deductible donations to California Family Foundation, 3201 Ash St., Palo Alto, CA 94306; or through Paypal.

Lois Holl