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Viewpoint - October 10, 2012

Letter: Council member urges 'no' vote on library

Holbrook-Palmer Park would be a good location for the Atherton library. But, would the library be good for the park?

The 3,500-square-foot Main House would be replaced by a 13,500-square-foot structure. The size is predicated on serving a user base of 16,000 people, including over 9,000 living in four unincorporated areas.

If over half of the potential users live outside of Atherton, what will this do to Watkins Avenue traffic and parking in the park?

How will contention problems be administered between the county-run library and other users of the park? How will this limit the town's ability to book profitable events in park facilities?

Usage of library funds for maintaining the park is limited by the county library system. There will be no funds available to cover general park operating expenses.

The library will dominate the park in several ways, including imposing size and location, continual to and from traffic and parking usage, to a larger extent from persons from outside of town, and scheduling contention of events within the park.

The park is and should remain the town's gem without one user dominating all other users. Vote "No" on F.

Jerry Carlson, member, Atherton City Council


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