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Community - November 28, 2012

Holiday Fund: JobTrain, from at-risk to at work

Gifts to the Almanac's Holiday Fund help JobTrain and nine other community organizations.

By Kail Lubarsky, director of marketing and public relations for JobTrain.

Board member Tamar Pichette describes JobTrain as: "An organization that consistently helps those who are most in need in the community. From offering them clothing, training and job placement, the staff and faculty are among the most dedicated and selfless people in the country. They quietly, efficiently and successfully accomplish the incomparable mission of giving people the dignity of a job, and have managed to do so on a lean budget. The impact of this nonprofit cannot be overstated. The country needs a JobTrain in every neighborhood."

During these uncertain economic times, access to no-cost education for employment or career advancement is more important than ever. JobTrain proves that the best social service program in the world is a job.

Kamal worked as a certified pharmacy technician until he was stopped short with a diagnoses of multiple myeloma. Cancer ravaged his body, requiring a bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and years of painful recovery. When the cancer went into remission, Kamal needed to return to work to take care of his family of six.

That's when he found out that the industry standard had changed, and the pharm tech position he had held now required a high school diploma or GED, something Kamal did not have. Kamal was relieved to learn that JobTrain offered free GED classes. He worked closely with his JobTrain instructor and completed the program in just seven weeks.

Kamal is now reinstating his license with the California Board of Pharmacy. "JobTrain is a community servant and JobTrain sponsors are true community heroes for sharing their resources to advance the lives of others," he says. "Thank you, JobTrain, and thank you, JobTrain supporters, for helping us realize our dreams."

Whether teaching leading-edge vocational skills to people seeking a career change or helping people reclaim their lives from welfare, addiction, incarceration and unemployment, JobTrain is here to help individuals discover their potential. JobTrain provides practical vocational and life-skills training, and access to quality careers.

Since 1965, approximately 160,000 people have come through JobTrain's doors and emerged with the tools to become self-sufficient members of our community.

Please create hope and opportunity for people who are willing to work hard to change their lives. Your tax-deductible contribution will put unemployed people into productive careers.

JobTrain is located at 1200 O'Brien Drive in Menlo Park, bordering East Palo Alto. Please visit our training facility for a tour and experience the positive energy of lives in transition.

Visit or call (650) 330-6521 or (650) 330-6569 if you have questions and to schedule a tour.


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