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News - December 5, 2012

Woodside OKs new speed limits

by Dave Boyce

Sometime near the end of 2012, probably before Christmas, new and lower speed limits will take effect in the Woodside Glens neighborhood in Woodside on several narrow winding streets — streets without sidewalks, and with blind curves and vehicle speeds too fast for conditions.

The new 20 mph limits will take 5 mph off the legal limits for Alta Mesa Road, Glenwood Avenue, Highland Terrace, Hillside Drive, Otis Avenue, Ridge Court and Toyon Court. The Town Council gave its unanimous approval to the change at its Tuesday, Nov. 27, meeting. The state vehicle code authorizes town councils to lower a 25 mph limit if the street is no wider than 25 feet.

Deputies from the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office will be enforcing the new limits, but with warnings rather than tickets "for the first couple of weeks," Town Manager Kevin Bryant noted at the council meeting. "After that, it's fair game."

The new limits are the first step in the effort to make these streets safer for pedestrians. The council pressed the issue with Town Engineer Paul Nagengast. Mayor Dave Tanner wondered whether 20 mph was slow enough in some cases.

There will be a continuing dialogue, Mr. Nagengast replied."Let's set it 20 and let's re-look at that (in six months) and see if it needs to be further adjusted," he said. "This isn't something we just do and walk away."

"The community is not bashful about speaking their minds out there," he added.


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