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Viewpoint - January 23, 2013


Letter: Disappointment after

police story

After reading Sandy Brundage's Jan. 16 story about Officer Vasquez's escapades, it is hard to pinpoint what is more disappointing:

• Knowing that a member of an otherwise stellar Menlo Park police force is being paid to enforce the law here while allegedly engaging in (apparently on more than one occasion) scuzzy and illegal conduct elsewhere;

• Learning that high level city officials lack the judgment to know that confidential personnel matters should not be discussed in a public setting;

• The lack of journalistic ethics by one who eavesdrops on others knowing the conversation is intended to be private; or

• The disparity between the rights (not to mention retirement benefits) afforded to private workers and public employees.

Editor's Note: The Almanac reporter violated no journalistic ethics. She was in a public bar, two seats away from the current and former city managers, and simply overheard their conversation.

Todd Roberts Hesketh Drive, Menlo Park