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News - February 6, 2013

Cyclist gives his account of Woodside road-rage event

by Dave Boyce

A Portola Valley resident said he was among about 100 cyclists at the scene of a road-rage incident involving a pickup truck on Jan. 26 in Woodside. Mark, who asked that his last name not be used, said he called the Almanac to present another view of the incident, and said he contacted the Sheriff's Office with his account.

The driver of the pickup truck reported to deputies that some 50 bicyclists attacked his truck on Jan. 26. He said that shortly after 10:30 a.m., the cyclists surrounded his truck at the stop sign on Canada Road at Woodside Road and then kicked and punched the vehicle, leaving it with a scratched door and a shattered mirror.

It was the same group of cyclists he'd passed earlier on Canada Road, the driver told deputies. He said he had no idea what prompted the road rage.

Mark's account

A group of cyclists was heading south "really fast" on Canada Road when a pickup "blew by us just crazy fast," Mark said, "Everybody just kind of cut over to the right so we wouldn't get hit."

Congestion allowed four or five riders to catch the truck at the Woodside Road stop sign, Mark said. They blocked the truck and were pounding on it — and the driver was getting out. "Oh man, this is not good," Mark said he recalled thinking. He said he yelled at the cyclists to cool it and at the driver to stay inside, "and he did, thank god."

"What the cyclists did after the fact was absolutely wrong and illegal. But he used his car as a weapon," he added.

There are problem drivers and problem riders, Mark noted. "It was good that that guy got back in his car," he added. "I thought it was going to get really, really out of hand."