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News - April 3, 2013

Obama to brunch, lunch in Atherton

Atherton will have a few extra visitors in town on Thursday, April 4, as President Barack Obama is the guest of honor at two fundraisers: a brunch for 30 at the home of Liz Simons and Mark Heising and a luncheon for 200 at the home of Marcia and John Goldman.

The events, organized by the Democratic National Committee, are not for those with empty pockets. Brunch tickets are $32,400 per person (including a photo with the president) while luncheon tickets are a bit less steep starting at $1,000 per person for the lunch, $5,000 for lunch and a place in the photo line for one person or $7,500 for two people, $20,000 for a chance to be a co-chair of the reception and $32,400 to be event co-host.

The entrepreneurial sort can even get a free ticket to the brunch by convincing three others to buy one, or can get a free ticket to the lunch by raising $10,000.

Visit tinyurl.com/brunch-324 to make reservations for the brunch.

Visit tinyurl.com/lunch-404 to make reservations for the lunch.


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