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News - April 24, 2013

Burglars hit three homes

Burglars hit three homes in three different Menlo Park neighborhoods and stole jewelry, computers and construction equipment for a total estimated loss of $15,000, on Monday, April 15, according to reports from the Menlo Park Police Department.

In West Menlo Park on La Loma Drive, thieves forced open a door at the back of the garage, entered the residence, and stole antique coins, miscellaneous jewelry and $1,000 in cash for a total loss of about $11,000, police said.

Meanwhile on Henderson Avenue in Belle Haven, someone entered the house through an unlocked bathroom window and took two table computers and one laptop along with miscellaneous jewelry for a total loss estimated at $2,000, police said.

On San Mateo Drive in the downtown neighborhood, someone stole construction equipment from a house but left no indications as to how or where the house was entered, police said.


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