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Community - May 8, 2013

Friends celebrate Scooter's B-day

The author is a longtime friend of Wilson Farrar, who owns Scooter.

By Julie Mickelson

Wilson Farrar's horse, Scooter, turned 29 on Sunday, April 28, and Wilson did what she's done the past five years: She threw him a party, with 100 or so people attending, in Portola Valley.

Celebrants received glass bubbles and horseshoes with inspiring messages, even a wishing well to toss them in. The party celebrated Scooter and how he has inspired Wilson since he came into her life:

Wilson rescued the horse about eight years ago from her then-landlord in Saratoga who planned to put him to sleep because he was old and un-ridable. Fortunately, the landlord was willing to sell Scooter to Wilson (for $1) and let her take over his care, which she and her friends have been doing ever since.

It's been an amazing ride for them, including the time when the roof blew off the Saratoga house, and Scooter and Wilson had to find another place to live (with a barn to rent) in a matter of days. Somehow they did. She currently rents a small place with a barn in Portola Valley, where the party was held.

In their eight years together, Scooter has become friends with many, many people, including students from around the world. Wilson invites groups of young entrepreneurs over to learn about life and to meet Scooter. Between the two of them, they demonstrate the value that pets (whether a dog, cat or a horse) bring to our lives.


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