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News - June 5, 2013

La Entrada: reward offered in school vandalism case

by Sandy Brundage

Menlo Park police would really like to know "who done it" — there's now a $500 reward to help smoke out whoever vandalized La Entrada Middle School in March.

The Las Lomitas Elementary School District board is offering the reward for any information leading to an arrest, police announced on May 28.

When police responded to a burglar alarm at the school on March 31, they found explicit graffiti spray-painted across the walls and a busted window, along with a small fire set outside an interior office door, according to the police report. The unknown vandals wreaked approximately $2,000 in damage.

Anyone with information may contact the Menlo Park police at 330-6300 or via the anonymous tip line at 330-6395.


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