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Viewpoint - June 5, 2013

Letter: Why is Woodside blocking the Farmers' Market?

Why would four Woodside Council members vote not to allow the new Farmers' Market on town property?

With scant discussion they denied residents an opportunity to vote in November on whether such an activity should be permitted in Town Center. Not only did they say "thumbs down" to the Farmers' Market but they said "thumbs down" to allowing Woodside voters to decide for themselves at the ballot box.

Are they afraid of the results of such an election? Are they afraid of the wrath of financially successful business owners? Is such a small endeavor a serious threat to established businesses in town? Have any of them been to the Farmers' Market, which is now held in the elementary school parking lot?

The postage-stamp-sized Farmers' Market is a delight where on any given Sunday one can find fresh organic greens, delicious cakes and sauces, cheeses, locally harvested seafood and fresh baked goods. It is a little gem that adds to the character of Woodside. Yet four council members who could have allowed Woodsiders to decide for themselves voted to take that decision away from us.

Do they believe holding a Farmers' Market in an empty Town Center parking lot on a Sunday afternoon will have a detrimental impact on the town? Do they actually believe Woodside voters can't evaluate this issue for themselves? That is the result of the Council's 4--3 vote on May 28.

Let your council representative know if you want a Farmers' Market or if you believe this issue should be decided by the voters. The entire Town Council can be reached at council.members@woodsidetown.org

Editor's Note: Ms. Romines' husband is Ron Romines, a member of the Woodside Town Council who voted to move the Farmers Market to the Town Center site.g


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