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Viewpoint - June 12, 2013

Letter: Farmers Market location decision needs more time

I believe much of the information, recently put out by (Judy). Romines, declaring the Farmers Market is in jeopardy, is fraught with inaccuracies. Contrary to her view I witnessed four of our council members courageously and wisely vote to put off ballot measure language that would substantially change the original intent of the voter-passed Measure J (limitation of commercial growth). Why? Those of us who actually attended the meeting heard their reasoning: the timing is not right.

Their decision was not based on anything sinister or an intention to thwart a Farmers Market. The real story is neither the Town Center Task Force nor the Circulation Committee has completed its studies. It is also important to note none of the council members ever expressed a belief that the voters were incapable of making a decision.

Can we agree the council are representatives of the townsfolk and are operating under the expectation that we want them to ensure all proposals that will affect the residents and lands of Woodside will be thoroughly vetted as to potential costs, legal issues, and general viability?

The Farmers Market location is only one of many proposals that are currently going through a very important vetting process. Keep in mind, even "fun" proposals may have adverse impacts on others that aren't readily apparent. That's why deliberation and timing are important. Let's patiently work together, gather all of the facts, make wise decisions for the future of Woodside and leave inflammatory remarks out of the discussion. Haste makes waste.

Lee Ann Gilbert, Woodside

Editor's note: Lee Ann Gilbert and her husband Bill own the Pioneer Saloon on Woodside Road, adjacent to the Town Center parking lot.