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Viewpoint - July 10, 2013

Letter: Safety more important than couch sculpture

As a working artist I could weigh in on the aesthetic merits of the Willow Road "Couch Sculpture," but I recall the Eiffel Tower in Paris had critics and fans as well.

More important to me is the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists of our town. For example Coleman Avenue, a major street to Laurel School, is an obstacle course of danger. The road not only lacks sidewalks and bike paths, its rutted edge is often blocked by ivy, trash cans, asphalt diverters, and so on. I actually saw a woman with a baby strapped to her chest fall forward into the gravel. (I did stop to help.)

Apparently the "rural aesthetic" of a few vocal residents is enough to squash any changes toward safety. Yes, I know there are different municipal jurisdictions involved, but they somehow managed to get El Camino Real and Middlefield Road to line up.

Safety First.

Jill Andre Pope Street, Menlo Park