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News - July 17, 2013

Burglars enter unlocked windows in Woodside

Deputies chase crowd from Emerald Hills home

Unlocked windows figured in two recent Woodside residential burglaries. In another incident, a crowd made its way into an unoccupied Emerald Hills house, had a party, and ran away when sheriff's deputies arrived.

The party, reported June 29, was held in a home in the 4200 block of Jefferson Avenue in the Emerald Hills neighborhood, deputies from the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office said. About 50 people were involved and left the house with two broken windows and debris strewn about.

Deputies said they have spoken with "subjects" but have no clues yet about who organized the party or how they gained entrance to the house. The property owner, upon learning of the incident, chose not to prosecute, deputies said.

In a burglarized home on Hillside Drive in Woodside Glens, deputies said they checked for latent fingerprints — those not visible to the unaided eye — and found five. The burglar entered the home through an unlocked window, rummaged through several rooms, and left with a computer, an Apple iPad, two Apple iPods and jewelry for a total loss estimated at $15,700, according to a July 8 report. No one has come forward as a witness, deputies said.

In a home under construction on Manzanita Way, someone removed a screen and entered via an unlocked window, ransacked the master bedroom and stole a 9 mm handgun, cash, gold coins, an Apple iPad and a watch, deputies said. There were no witnesses and no estimate of the value of the items stolen, according to a June 29 report.