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Viewpoint - July 24, 2013

Letter: Could a number halt gun deaths?

When Joe DiMaggio was having his 56-game hitting streak, the New York Times printed the number on its front page.

Each day the number was printed on the front page. No story, just the number growing larger each day. But, everyone knew what it meant. It brought a huge amount of attention to Joe, his baseball record, and to baseball.

Today, we have another record situation that demands attention — the number of people killed in the country by guns. If the number were printed each day, growing larger each day, what a statement this would make. No story, just the number. Each day. We need this, our country needs this attention to this problem. Please do it, and ask other papers to do the same. Few things, maybe nothing else, can do more to make this much-needed statement more prominent. Maybe, just maybe, this would help rid our country of this scourge.

The editor responds: Perhaps the New York Times would be a better bet, or why not write to members of Congress, who passed up the chance to take action?

Robert Rutherford Portola Road, Portola Valley