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News - August 7, 2013

Police Calls

This information is from the Menlo Park and Atherton police departments and the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. Under the law, people charged with offenses are considered innocent unless convicted.


Residential burglary report: Someone entered a home on Conil Way through an unlocked window and got away with jewelry and electronic equipment for a total loss estimated at $30,000, July 25.


Residential burglary report: Tools and other items with a total value of $5,000 are missing from an unlocked tool room at a home on Nathhorst Avenue, July 25.


Residential burglary report: Someone removed the screen from an unlocked bedroom window on Eleanor Drive and made off with an Apple desktop computer, an Apple laptop computer, an iPad mini, an Apple Nano, a safe, a leather briefcase and jewelry for a preliminary estimated loss of $6,690, July 26.

Theft reports:

• The unauthorized use of an online account with Amazon led to a loss estimated at $330 from a resident of Skywood Way, July 24.

• While attending a party at a home on Greer Road, a woman lost track of her purse, July 22.

Insufficient funds report: A resident of Summit Springs Road was informed that he owed $425 for purchases he said he did not make from accounts he does not have, July 22.


Residential burglary report: A locked side door was pried open and tools valued at $2,100 were found missing from several rooms at a home under construction on Perry Avenue, July 24.


Residential burglary reports:

• A bike valued at $1,000 has gone missing from an open garage on Alice Lane, July 29.

• Someone stole a locked bicycle worth $799 from a carport on Fremont Street, July 29.

• A bike with a value of $500 is missing from a carport on Live Oak Avenue, July 29.

• Police say they have an arrest in connection with a July 20 laundry room burglary on Glenwood Avenue, but no evidence to connect the suspect with a recent series of apartment-complex laundry room incidents around Burgess Park. Coin boxes were pried open and coins are missing from two laundry rooms — on Burgess Drive and Waverley Street — but nothing is missing from an attempted burglary at a third complex on Waverley, July 30 and 31.

Auto burglary reports:

• Someone smashed a window on a locked vehicle parked in the 2800 block of Sand Hill Road and stole a laptop computer and two cell phones for an estimated loss of $4,000, Aug. 1.

• In a similar incident on the 2700 block of Sand Hill Road, someone smashed a vehicle window and stole a laptop and the bag it was in for a loss estimated at $3,100, Aug. 1.

Theft reports:

• A closet inside a home being remodeled on Laurel Avenue is missing jewelery with an estimated value of $2,285, July 28.

• Someone stole a $2,000 walkie-talkie from an unlocked work vehicle parked on Bay Road, July 28.

• A camera bag with lenses and filters, a video camera, a microphone, batteries, timers and $10 in cash are missing from an unlocked vehicle that had been parked on Pope Street, July 29. Total loss estimated at $1,945.

• Someone stole an unlocked bike with an estimated value of $450 from a porch of a home on Roble Avenue, July 29.

• A locked bike, a bike lock and a bike helmet, total value $366, are missing from the common area of an apartment complex on Alice Lane, July 29.

• A skateboarder is missing a $350 iPhone that had been left on a bench while skateboarding at Alma Street and Burgess Drive, July 28.

• Someone stole a bench and side table, total value $100, from a yard on Stonepine Lane, July 29.

• Police say that two Hispanic men in their early 20s and wearing black shirts fled on foot from the 7-11 store at 525 Oak Grove Ave. with three 12-packs of beer, $54 worth, and have so far escaped detection, July 27. One man had a scar his forehead and the other wore a gray hat, police said.


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