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News - September 11, 2013

Police create database of private security cameras

by Sandy Brundage

In an effort to help figure out where to install up to four surveillance cameras of its own, the Menlo Park Police Department is creating a database of locations that already have private cameras.

Police chief Robert Jonsen said three cameras will be placed somewhere along Willow Road in the Belle Haven neighborhood, but the exact locations remain to be determined.

"(The week before last) we had two shootings in the Belle Haven neighborhood, one of which was on Willow Road, and the shootings in East Palo Alto have been continuing," Chief Jonsen said. "After every shooting, residents in the area ask about the cameras so I want to get a few up. However, the locations are not set in stone because if we determine there are a lot of independent cameras already in the area that we can enter into the (database), then we may place our cameras somewhere else."

He said the department will have a better idea of where to put its cameras in a couple weeks, as people continue to register their own cameras.

The database of private cameras will also help investigators determine who may have footage related to a crime, according to the police. To register, the department asks that you call 330-6300 or email policerecords@menlopark.org with your name, phone number, address where the cameras are located, email address and any additional information you want to provide.


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