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Viewpoint - November 20, 2013

Letter: Smoke was think over N. Fair Oaks


The fire at Sims Metal in Redwood City on Nov. 10 sent a thick plume of smoke over my neighborhood in unincorporated Redwood City. The odor was like burning plastic and the haze was dense over our homes.

We could not be outside, the smell was so bad. We did not get the "shelter-in-place" phone message for at least two to three hours after the fire started. By then the smoke was drifting thick and low over North Fair Oaks, Menlo Park and Atherton.

Shame on Sims. That said, this incident is a reminder of just how foolish it is for Cargill to continue its plan for residential development on the salt ponds, just steps away from the Sims metal shredders.

Marsha Cohen

Redwood City


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