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Viewpoint - December 11, 2013

Letter: Airplane noise a fact of life here


OK, so Surf Air approaches San Carlos on a flight path that goes over part of Atherton. Maybe the FAA and Surf Air can change the approach. Maybe not.

I have seen and heard their aircraft numerous times. Yes, they are louder than most of the single-engine aircraft that use San Carlos, but where do the residents of Atherton think they live? This is a metropolitan area folks. Things grow, they expand, they change.

I live in University Heights and my house is pretty much under one of the approaches to SFO. Large commercial jets come over all the time. I clocked the passage of one this evening and it takes about 45 seconds to go from barely audible to barely audible with about 25 seconds being quite loud. I don't have a decibel meter but my own feeling is that the noise level is about the same as a Surf Air flight.

The Almanac's article I quote says, "Others spoke of not being able to be outside their homes because of the noise." Huh? It's not like the PC-12s are lined up from here to Santa Barbara.

I realize we are talking Atherton, where the residents can't have double yellow lines on their roads. Maybe I am more tolerant than others. I have gotten used to the commercial jets (I kind of like them), and I would hope that, over time, Surf Air would become white noise.

Steve Wallace

Sterling Avenue

Menlo Park


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