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Viewpoint - January 15, 2014

Letter: Incredible response after accident

Unbelievable. That's one of the few printable words I can use to describe the lawsuit by Edward Nelson against a couple of 6-year-old kids.

This 90-year-old runs his SUV onto the sidewalk, severely injuring two children, and then has the temerity to blame them for being negligent and reckless.

Unless there are some undisclosed facts in this case, Mr. Nelson's response is an embarrassment to Stanford and the legal profession, along with the attorneys who agreed to represent him. Mr. Nelson should apologize profusely to all involved and offer to make restitution.

Unfortunately, too many people are afraid to admit responsibility for their actions, and our country is worse off for it.

==I Marty Mackowski, Los Charros, Portola Valley==


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