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News - January 15, 2014

Police Calls

This information is from the Menlo Park Police Department. Under the law, people charged with offenses are considered innocent unless convicted. The dates police received the report are shown.


Fraud report: A resident of Manzanita Avenue is out $12,600 in rent paid to someone claiming, over email, to be the owner of a vacation home. Dec. 28.

Theft report: Someone stole a laptop computer valued at $1,500 from an unlocked vehicle parked on Camino A Los Cerros. Jen. 6.


Theft report: An outdoor heater worth $1,200 is missing from the front of the Lobster Shack restaurant in the Country Shopper mall on Alpine Road. Dec. 22.


Residential burglary report: Someone broke into a house on Escobar Road through a smashed front window and stole jewelry and cash, a total loss estimated at $5,500. Dec. 18.

Fraud report: A resident of the 4000 block of Alpine Road reported an unauthorized cash advance of $4,800 charged to his credit card. Jan 2.


Residential burglary report: Gardeners alerted deputies from the Sheriff's Office to a broken rear window of a house on Moore Road. The house appeared to have been ransacked while the residents were away; dresser drawers and closets were found opened. A tabulation of losses is not expected until the residents return. Dec. 18.


Commercial burglary report: In an overnight incident, someone pried open the rear door of Beltramo's Wines and Spirits at 1540 El Camino Real, broke into a wine cabinet and stole $15,000 worth of fine wine. Jan. 12.

Residential burglary reports:

• Tools valued at $4,500 are missing from a residence on Fanita Way. Someone entered the house through an unlocked rear door and stole a rake, wet (tile) saw, radio, toolbox, mixer, grinder and polisher. Jan. 10.

• Two bicycles are missing from an unlocked garage on Oak Knoll Lane, a total loss of $1,500. Jan. 12.

• Someone pried open a rear door and stole an air compressor, chop saw, bucket, paint sprayer and paint brush from a house on Stanford Avenue. Jan. 04.

Theft reports:

• An electric Razor scooter that had been locked with a bike lock under a carport on Coleman Place is missing. The loss is estimated at $250. Jan. 11.

• A package containing two men's ski shirts worth a total of $220 and another package containing a $100 pair of shoes were missing from the front porches of two homes on Bay Laurel Drive. The empty boxes were found further up the road. Jan. 3.

Fraud reports:

• A resident of Partridge Avenue sent a postal money order for $535 to an address in Florida in response to a phone call from someone claiming to be working for the "U.S. Treasury Department." The caller told the resident to send the money order to claim a lump sum of money that he'd won. Jan. 8.

• Using the personal identity information of a resident of Continental Drive, someone tried twice and failed twice to open credit accounts with two retail stores, but succeeded in getting a $300 payday loan. Jan. 4.


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