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Viewpoint - January 22, 2014

Letter: New logo, squirrel mascot not needed

Is anyone in city government keeping a watchful eye on unnecessary spending directed by Menlo Park's City Manager Alex McIntyre?

Who requested a new tree logo for Menlo Park at the cost of $30,000? Why do we have "Nutty" the squirrel as a mascot for our city at the cost of nearly $2,000? Off site meetings for a staff retreat in Half Moon Bay set the city back almost $12,000. Another day trip to Napa cost the city $2,200 for community services staff members.

As a resident of Menlo Park since 1972, I am disappointed to read of this wasteful spending. Residents of Menlo Park want to maintain its unique small town atmosphere, according to most recent surveys. I for one love the original tree logo and do not want it changed.

Nutty the mascot seems to be a squirrely idea for our city and needs to be rescinded by our City Council. Obviously, the mayor and council members need to exercise much closer supervision of how the city manager and staff are spending our city's money.

Margaret H. Carney, Claremont, Menlo Park