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News - February 26, 2014

Atherton police probe vandalism targeting wealthy

by Renee Batti

The Atherton Police Department is reviewing material on security cameras made available by residents and consulting with other agencies, including the FBI, in an effort to find the vandals who spray-painted slogans hostile to the wealthy on vehicles, garage doors and other surfaces in the Lindenwood nieghborhood on Feb. 16.

Police Chief Ed Flint said the investigation hasn't produced suspects yet, but the painted messages — about a dozen of them — have been removed. The slogans included "F--- the 1 percent" and a message advocating violence, he said.

Although no suspect has been identified, the FBI was consulted because it tracks activist movements such as Occupy Wall Street, which began making national headlines in late 2011 for staging protests against economic inequality and the degree of corporate influence in Washington. The movement coined the term "1 percent" to refer to the country's wealthiest people.

The vandalism occurred between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m. that Sunday, according to police. The department issued an alert, and reminded residents to keep their home security systems working; property gates, doors and windows closed; exterior lights on at night; and vehicles locked with no valuables inside the passenger compartment.


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